Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

January Capital Advisors is an independent wealth design firm inspiring clients to live the story they want to tell.

Who we are 

About Us

With our progressive investment platform and straightforward process, we design and implement comprehensive financial strategies aligned with your values and objectives.


How you live, what stories you tell, and how you ultimately impact your communities rest largely on the financial decisions you make today. We help you make informed decisions.


Our curated snapshot of what you need to know. We monitor and communicate market trends, economic indicators, tax and estate laws, and best practices — keeping you informed.

We help you make the informed decisions necessary to pursue your desired impact.

What we do 


We identify where you are today, help define where you want to go, and implement a plan to get there — tracking progress each step of the way. Realistic milestones are set. Benchmarks are measured. Performance and fees are transparent.

How we work

We deliver an efficient and detailed planning process — adding a little fun along the way. Financial planning can be overwhelming and we know your time is precious. Comprehensive, compassionate, rational advice.

Live the story you want told.